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Guide for complete nvidia and tensorflow setup on arch linux using System76 Drivers

Setting up nvidia drivers and making tensorflow to work on gpu on linux system is always mind boggling task. I have many times reinstalled/formatted my laptop just to get it...

Guide to connect to google colab with ssh from terminal and run jupyter lab

Google colab is a good option to experiment and try heavy computational tasks on a high end computer for free. Notebook interface provided by google is perfect python programs.

How to fix the different time on PC when dual booted with Linux and Windows

Windows and Linux both are quite different in many respect. This also applies for the interpretition of the time from the hardware Clock. Yes, Computers have the clock which keeps...

My Roadmap to Machine Learning (Self Study): Part 1

This is the Roadmap I am following for Machine Learning. My personal view is as follow:

How To Install Nvidia Drivers , Cuda And Tensorflow On Linux

Getting GPU working for tensorflow and CUDA is a difficult task for naive linux users. In this guide, you can easily understand the installation process. This guide is focussed on...